Top 3 Most Viewed Posts of 2017

About six months ago we launched The Great Dissonance and 2017 has been full of surprises, up and downs, and so many interesting and inspiring news.

We deeply thank our followers and readers, and we decided to put together for you the top 3 posts that generated most traction and attracted more viewers over the last year.

3rdChatbots will help reduce Loneliness, a bitby Ian Pearson


Amazon is really pushing its Echo and Dot devices at the moment and some other companies also use Alexa in their own devices. They are starting to gain avatar front ends too. Microsoft has their Cortana transforming into Zo, Apple has Siri’s future under wraps for now. Maybe we’ll see Siri in …

2ndArtificial Intelligence Kindergartenby Danko Nikolic


Building really intelligent machines, or so-called strong artificial intelligence (AI), is a daunting task for technology. I have worked on an approach that requires two technological novelties: One is a new way to organize knowledge; the other is a new way to acquire knowledge. Both heavily mimic biology. The resulting method is …

1stThe Dawn of Artificial Personality: Data Analytics and Election Engineeringby Ciro Borriello


It is spring 2016 in Cambridge. I am sitting in the front row at an unusual lesson about Big Data Analytics held by Dr. David Stillwell, a young lecturer at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. His voice is calm and plain, but what he is telling us is fascinating. His research …

And for now let’s stop turning back, let’s look forward to making 2018 just as amazing and more, and let our actions speak of a million words.

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